Vertical Platform Lift Installation in Gibsons, BC

Vertical Platform Lift (Porch Lift) Installation in Gibsons, BC Home

We recently had the privilege of installing a state-of-the-art vertical platform lift in the picturesque town of Gibsons for a wonderful family who wish to age in place while ensuring their home remains accessible for a family member in a wheelchair. The installation of this vertical platform lift was a heartwarming endeavor, as it not only brought much-needed mobility to their home but also created a sense of freedom and independence. This technology enables their family member to effortlessly traverse the multiple levels of their residence, maintaining a seamless connection with their surroundings.

“The installation was more than just a job, knowing we were making a house into a home that could truly embrace and support this lovely family.”

Ahmed Shalaby

Professional Porch Lift Technician, Total Home Access

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