Stairlifts in Vancouver

Regain access to your entire home with total peace of mind!
A home stairlift is a motorized chair that slowly and safely glides up and down your stairs along a metal rail that is mounted to the stair treads. It folds up after usage to ensure access for others to climb the stairs.

Stairlifts can be mounted on either straight or curved staircases, making it easy to access other levels of your home with any type of stair design and no structural changes to your home are needed.

A home stairlift can be mounted both inside or outside, depending on your needs. We represent numerous manufacturers of high quality home stairlift products and are sure to have one perfect for you and your home.

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Some of the safety features of our stairlifts are safety belts, non-skid footrests and obstacle sensors.

Energy Efficient

Stairlifts are energy efficient and will shut off automatically, when not in use for extended periods of time to conserve battery life.


Not only will you feel more comfortable in your home, the stairlift itself features supportive cushioning, and is complete with arm rests and foot rests for an enjoyable ride.

Easy to Use

Stairlifts can be operated remotely or with the onboard control conveniently placed at your fingertips.

How is a stair lift powered?
Stairlifts are powered by the electricity in your homes but can also come equipped with batteries so they will still operate during a power outage.
Can a stair lift be fitted to any stairway?
We have never seen a stairway that a stairlift would not fit on! Depending on the width and user height, we will work to ensure that we select the best product for you.
Will others still be able to use the stairs?
Absolutely! All stairlifts come standard with folding arm rests and seats so that others can still use the stairs.
How long will it take to install a stair lift in my home?
Straight stairlifts can take as little as a few hours to install where more complex curved stairlifts may take up to a day.
Vancouver Stair Lifts

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