Dumbwaiters in Vancouver

Dumbwaiters offer a convenient solution for homeowners in Vancouver. With Total Home Access, you can easily incorporate a dumbwaiter into your home, providing numerous benefits. Whether you need to transport groceries, laundry, or other items between floors, a dumbwaiter is a safe and efficient option. It ensures that you can easily move heavy, bulky, or delicate items, without the risk of injury or damage.

Our dumbwaiters are designed to be energy-efficient, so they won’t consume excess electricity. They are also easy to use, with intuitive controls that allow you to operate them with ease.

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A dumbwaiter makes it easy to transport items between floors of your home, reducing the need for strenuous carrying and minimizing the risk of accidents.


Save time and effort when moving groceries, laundry, or other heavy objects, so you can complete tasks more efficiently.


Dumbwaiters enhance accessibility for individuals with mobility challenges, making it simpler for them to transport items between floors independently.

Easy to Use

Using a dumbwaiter is as simple as pressing a button to move items between floors effortlessly.

What is the cost of installing a dumbwaiter in my Vancouver home?
Costs for a dumbwaiter installation in Vancouvervary but can range from $5,000 to $15,000. Factors like size and features influence the price—give us a call for an estimate for a dumbwaiter installed in your unique home!
Are home dumbwaiters in Vancouver ADA-compliant for accessibility?
Yes, many home dumbwaiters in Vancouver can be configured to meet ADA accessibility standards, making them suitable for individuals with mobility challenges.
How much space is needed for a dumbwaiter installation in a Vancouver residence?
The space needed for a dumbwaiter installation in a Vancouver home depends on the model and customization. Smaller models can fit in a closet-sized space, while larger ones may require a dedicated shaft. We will help you find the perfect space in your home for the dumbwaiter to go that will be convenient for you and work with your home’s unique layout.
Are there maintenance requirements for home dumbwaiters in Vancouver?
Yes, regular maintenance is essential for the safe and smooth operation of your dumbwaiter. It’s recommended to schedule routine inspections and servicing by a qualified technician to ensure reliability and longevity.
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