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Porch Lifts in Vancouver

A home porch lift (or vertical platform lift) is an indoor or outdoor residential elevating lift that provides efficient and easy access to a raised deck, porch or even steps within your home. A porch lift allows individuals with wheelchairs and/or scooters to easily access these sometimes hard-to-maneuver areas.

If you are having trouble accessing raised locations inside or outside your home, there are many innovative solutions to help you easily access these levels. Porch lifts are practical for both indoors and outdoors and can be adapted to satisfy your specific needs.

Get reliable access to your porches, decks or raised floors inside or outside your home! Call us today for a free consultation at (604) 435-0512.

Versatile Use

Porch lifts are ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. They are ideal for for accessing decks and porches safely in all types of weather, including our Canadian winters.

Highly Capable

Porch lifts are rugged and durable and capable of lifting up to 750 Lbs up to 14 feet.


Safety sensors are placed at the bottom of the platform to stop the unit if an object is in the way.

Aluminum & Steel

Vertical Platform lifts are made from strong aluminum and are also available in stainless steel.

Porch Lift Installations in BC

We are proud of our work! Take a look at the various vertical platform lift (porch lift) installations we have done throughout B.C. Vertical platform lifts are custom fit specifically for your home! Contact us today to find out if a vertical platform lift is right for your home.

How does a porch lift work?
Platform lifts have a large screw or hydraulic cylinder running the full height of the tower and the user presses the up or down switch to operate. The most common configuration is a straight-through, but in/out on the same side and 90-degree configurations are also available.
Why use a porch lift and not a ramp?
In order to meet codes and provide optimum safety for someone in a wheelchair, a ramp may be required to be 12 inches long for every one inch it rises. To get to a porch four feet high, you may need to install a ramp 48 feet in length to meet code!
Are porch lifts difficult to operate?
Not at all. A control panel on the platform has an up and down switch. Running the lift is as simple as pressing and holding the switch until the user reaches the top or bottom landing where the lift will automatically stop. The lift shuts off if the operator takes their finger off the control, enabling the operator to maintain total control of the lift.
With an outdoor install, is there any chance of getting shocked if it is raining?
No, you won’t get shocked. Porch lifs are completely safe to use during or after rainfall. All equipment has been tested for safety in rain and wet conditions to assure safety.
Are porch lifts hard to install?
Not for our trained and certified installers. There is some prep work that must be done on site prior to installing a porch lift; a concrete pad must be poured to support the equipment and a travel wall is required to ensure a safe ride.
Porch Lifts Vancouver

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