Wheelchair Ramps in Vancouver

Get easy access to your home with a ramp! From fully installed solutions to folding and temporary wheelchair and access ramps, we have a solution that is ideal for you in your home.

By installing a ramp, scooter and wheelchair users can access steps, doorways, sliding glass doors, showers or even raised landings easily.

We are committed to making the process of choosing the best ramp solution as worry-free as possible. With a ramp from Total Home Access, you can be confident that your accessibility needs will be resolved safely and quickly.

Increase Mobility

Ramps help elderly and disabled people enter and leave their residences comfortably. These wheelchair ramps can minimize the risk of injuries or accidents during trips to and from grocery stores, medical facilities and other places users frequent.


Installing a permanent or temporary ramp in your home is an extremely cost-effective method of gaining home access with minimal or no installation required.

Quick and Easy

Requiring very minimal installation time compared to other home access solutions, a ramp in your home can be an easy choice for your home access needs.

Ramp Installation Richmond

Ramp Installation in Richmond, BC

Ramp Installation Sechelt

Ramp Installation in Sechelt, BC

What type of wheelchair ramp should I get?
Everyone’s needs are different. We offer different solutions for many situations. Some may prefer a portable aluminum ramp, custom concrete ramp or perhaps a wooden ramp. It’s also based on preference and the look and build of your home. It’s best to call us for a free assessment so we can get you the right fit for your home.​
What if I need to transport my ramp?
Portable / Suitcase ramps are the perfect solution for those with on-the-go mobility needs, or for individuals who only need a ramp part time and want to store it away when not in use.
How do I determine what size of ramp I need?
It all depends on the height or rise of your steps. If you measure from the floor to the top of the steps it will give you the rise. That rise will determine the amount of ramp needed to ensure a safe slope. You can always call us for a free assessment. Residential ramp guidelines recommend a ramp rise to run ratio of 1:12, meaning that for every inch of rise your ramp should extend 12 inches in length. Our Mobility Specialists will measure your steps to ensure that your ramp is the proper length to ensure a safe and gentle slope.
Wheelchair Ramps Vancouver

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