Accessible Renovations

Accessible Home Renovations in Vancouver

Finding a contractor familiar with accessible home construction can be a real challenge for anyone. We make it easy by offering a complete solution to accessible home remodeling and modifications in Vancouver and the surrounding area.

We take pride in creating accessible spaces that never compromise the look and feel of your home! We work with you to ensure all aspects of your home are accessible, including kitchens, bathrooms and other rooms in your home.

With zero-step entrances and broader door way-features, our universal designs can be used by all who live in and visit your home.

Make your Vancouver area home more accessible for the present and the future. Contact us now for a free consultation.

Accessible Doors

Widening doorways is the most common way to make passing through both easy and safe, however, adding automatic door operators is another convenient option.

Accessible Lighting

We will ensure all light switches within your home are placed at an appropriate height for all users.

Accessible-Friendly Flooring

We can upgrade and install slip-resistant and accessible-friendly flooring throughout your home.

Accessible Hallways

For hallways, 48” is considered to be the ideal minimum width. We will work with you to ensure all hallways are of a safe and easy passing width.

Accessible Kitchens

We can update your countertops and sinks to an accessible height of 28″ to 34” throughout your kitchen, ensuring to maintain optimal leg, knee and toe space.

Are you able to make my entire kitchen accessible?

Absolutely! From wheel under sinks to drop down cabinets, we can make your entire kitchen accessible.

How long does it take to widen a door?

The timeline will always vary from job to job, but typically this will take two days to allow time for mud, caulking and paint to dry.

Do you outsource any of your work, or perform it all yourselves?

We only outsource plumbing and electrical, Total Home Access employees handle everything else. 

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